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Your First Visit

Welcome to Montgomery Dental Associates

We, at Montgomery Dental Associates dental office at Rockville, MD, know how a painstaking process is for you to choose a new dental office to meet you and your family dental care as well as finding necessary time, out of your busy schedule, to come to your dental appointment.  So it is a privilege for us in having your trust when you choose us as your dental office. So we are very confident in providing you and your family an environment which is very relaxing and comfortable to place you in ease during dental treatment. Our ultra-modern facility equipped with state-of-art equipment using the best and latest technologies available in modern-day dentistry which is designed meticulously to offer you a different type of dental setting second to none!

Furthermore, our staff and dentists are fully knowledgeable, competent and very caring who are striving hard to make sure you receive an outstanding, and excellent care in each and very visit.

Your First Visit

Upon arrival, we would like you to fill out the dental and medical forms to help us to know your dental health goals, as well as your past medical history. The next step would be taking necessary x-rays as well as intra-oral photos to accurately observe and locate all dental problems including any infections, cavities or gum diseases. Although, dental x-rays are still the main diagnostic tool in dentistry, our office uses various technologies such as DIAGNOdent (a laser fluorescence unit) or CariVu, which uses near-infrared light technology, to detect tooth cavities wherever their uses are granted.

Once all necessary data are collected, our senior dentist, Dr Hagigi, do a careful examination including oral cancer, taking each aspect of your oral health into consideration.

Your Treatment Plan

Based on your dental records, oral examination, and with our consultation with you, Dr Hagigi provides you a treatment plan spelling out all necessary dental procedures not only to achieve a healthy dentition but a road-map to help you to save and maintain it for your rest of your life. During this process, Dr Hagigi uses many dental models and educational aids to explain to you many problems observed during exams and required treatment as well as clear description of steps involved in completing treatment plan.

Please call Montgomery Dental Associates at (301)869-2600 if you’re ready to claim your new smile. Our office in located in Rockville and serves patients from across Montgomery County in Maryland and Washington DC.

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