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The staff at Montgomery Dental Associates under the direction of Dr. Hagigi are the most professional and helpful team that I’ve experienced at this practice. First and foremost, they are respectful of your time and hard earned money! They’ve been on time for all of my appointments. What I like most about this practice is that they don’t push unnecessary treatments on their patients and Dr. Hagigi is honest about his ability to resolve an issue – unlike the previous dentist from this practice. Bonnie the Office Manager makes sure that patients are comfortable and is very patient when explaining what to expect as part of a treatment. It amazed me how knowledgeable she was about what goes on from both sides of the shop. Well, it turns out that she used to be a dental hygienist – Go figure! Dr. Hagigi saved my life most recently when I needed a root canal out of the blue. He also was able to adjust a treatment that the previous dentist was unable to fix – now I can chew from both sides of my mouth. I will continue to refer friends and family to this practice. They are A+…

Irlande A.

Dr Hagigi is very good. He is gentile, friendly, and painless. He has done cleanings for me that were totally painless. He has done numerous fillings which were also painless. I didn’t even feel the needle for the Novocain. This is a new practice, so it is easy to get an appointment and all of his staff are friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.

Thomas T.

As soon as I walked in the staff gave me a warm welcome and walking through out the office I felt very comfortable, the staff and the doctor took care of me with great care and patience. I recommend this place, it is excellent!!!

Angela O.

I had a wonderful experience i had alot of work i needed done on my teeth and dentist Mark Hagigi was very patient and did a good job with my teeth. Mark as well as Bonny were very helpful and worked with my financial situation. I would reccommend this dental office they will work with you to fit your needs to get the best results.

Tinkerbell S.

Great visit with Dr. Hagigi and the staff of Montgomery Dental Association. The office has been remodeled with new and modern technology that allows you as a patient to be more engaged and that allow you to watch television before and during periods of treatment. Each staff member greated you with a smile and provided great customer service. I particularly enjoy the ability to receive text messages and to set appointment via my mobile device.

Derrick W.

Wonderful Dentist !!!!! Thank you Dr. Hagigi could help me immediately after i had problem with my teeth I am really thankful he is an excellent dentist I really recommend them.

Sergio P.

I’d would definitely recommend Montgomery Dental Associates to anybody. Their office manager Bonny was really nice and professional, Dr. Hagigi was amazing and gentle. I went in to get wisdom teeth removed and he’d always check if i was in pain. I can definitely say, that I will go the the next time I need dental work done

Michael U.

The best dental experience I have ever had! The staff of Montgomery Dental Associates dental office are very friendly and caring! Dr. Hagigi is very gentle and explained my dental treatment plan in great detail and thru showing many photos! I highly recommend this office!

Sirakarn P.

Great experience and gentle dentist. Called me hours later at home to see how I was doing.

Virginia O.

The office has some very good equipment and the doctor is very nice but the front desk representative was not friendly at all. My first appointment was scheduled at 3:30pm but I never got any confirmation message and when I get there, the lady said my appointment was 3:00. I showed her the appointment on my app but she said that time was not accurate and she seems not very happy about that.


I was terrified to go to a dentist, But I know I really need extensive dental work done. Thanks to Dr Hagigi I have done most of the work done and always feeling in ease and virtually with no pain . People in his office are professional, and friendly. I really dont look forward to see a dentist, but I no longer dread it either now that I go to see him. I would recommend Dr Hagigi to anyone.

Janet W.

Both the doctor and their staff are very friendly and knowledge. the equipment is new and nice and the doctor are very good.

Julia Z.

The staff are kind and personable here. They invest in high-tech equipment to provide the best experience for their clients. I’ve gotten two crowns and several fillings here, and my dentist is always open to suggestions and takes direction if something doesn’t feel comfortable. I will continue to return to this dentist as they do an outstanding job, but mainly just for the back-massaging chair! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Teresa F.

Found everyone friendly. Were very thorough in assessing my problem and setting up a course of treatment. Felt comfortable with Dr., staff and with the course of treatment.

Catherine L.

I highly recommend this dental office.The Dentist is very gently and professional!. The staff is super friendly and make you feel comfortable during your whole visit. Very clean office and nicely organized. Great atmosphere.!

M L.

I went to Montgomery Dental Associates to get some cavities fixed that a previous dentist recommended and I chose to stick with office. Dr.Hagigi is so gentle I didn’t feel any pain he kept checking up on me to see if I was ok. Bonny is a great office manager she always has a smile on her face and she is very accommodating when scheduling my appointments.

Alex P.

After a trip to Montgomery Dental Associates, I was really impressed with how skillful Dr. Hagigi was. I felt no pain during my time there and really enjoyed my experience. I will definitely be coming back.

William J.

I will start off by saying going to Montgomery Dental Associates was the best dental experience I’ve ever had. I’ve always been scared of going to dentists, but at Montgomery Dental Associates I wasn’t scared at all. Dr. Hagigi was always checking to make sure I was fine which really calmed me down, and the Office Manager Bonny was really kind and efficient at her job.

Paola R.

Wonderful experience! first thing, wow! I just never seen such a beautiful dental office! very modern office! Everyone is friendly, personable, and genuinely interested in you as a person! I would highly recommend Dr Hagigi to my friends and relatives!

Monica D.

Dr.Hagigi and all of the staff here are really kind, efficient and compassionate. I dread getting dental work as much as anyone else, but they made the experience really comfortable and not terrifying! The dental work itself was basically pain free and Dr.Hagigi is always checking in to make sure that nothing hurts or feels off. I feel very lucky that I found these guys!!! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


Dr. Hagigi and his team were great. Attentive, patient, and well informed. I haven’t enjoyed a visit to the dentist as long back as I remember. These folks took great pride in their work and never hesitated to fully explain every option or detail that I may need. I was surprised and impressed with their technology and work… (Oh, and they have massage chairs!)

Cody R.

I had great experience with the Montgomery Dental Associates office. They were very professional and informative. Dr. Hagigi is awesome. I loved his demeanor, patience, calmness in explaining his treatment plan. He provided a treatment plan which I was really happy to follow.

Joseph H.

I have seen Dr Hagigi’s patient for several years. Before I see him, I always had high anxiety and fear visiting dentists. But, with him from first day was different, I always felt in great ease when he is doing any dental procedure on me. He is truly a compassionate, gentle and very knowledgeable dentist!

Halida S.

Very friendly environment! The staff is very helpful and courteous. Dr. Hagigi is really nice and did great work on my teeth! I would highly recommend Montgomery Dental Associates.

Brendan S.

I had a wonderful experience at Montgomery Dental Associates in Rockville. Dr. Hagigi is great, he did a good job with my cleaning and exam. He explained me what has to be done on teeth. His staff are wonderful specially his office manager Bonny. She is very professional and very polite. I see that she really cares about me, explaining step by step what has to be done on teeth. Also, she took the time to explain about my insurance coverage. It was a really nice experience and I definitely recommend to everyone to visit this dental office!

Thea F.

I am very picky when it comes to picking dentists because I haven’t had the best luck. But I loved my experience at Montgomery Dental Associates. Dr. Hagigi was did a great job at explaining the procedure and a great job at a cleaning. He also explained what I should look out for when brushing and flossing. His staff is very polite and welcoming. There is not a long wait. His office manager is always there to greet people and handle any questions you might have. i recommended this practice to my family members!

Wendy L.

The most professional and polite staff I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Hagigi is great at addressing any concerns you may have and putting you at ease. Bonny the office manager is always smiling, and always so accommodating. I had lots of dental work; she went over my treatment plan, and showed me pictures. It was the first time anyone has taken their time and explained to me how my insurance works, problem areas, and my portion of the copay. It is a high tech office and i will be recommending this office to all of my friends. Thanks Montgomery Dental associates.

Amir R.

I highly recommended this dental office especially since bonny is always making sure everything is going well with every patient. Dr.Hagigi when hiring bonny she is really helpful and gets any problem solved compared to the previous employees. I will extremely recommend Dr.Hagigi he is really caring and gentle.

Alex V.

After having many experiences with mediocre dentists, I was honestly losing hope that i’d find a good one, then I came across Montgomery Dental Associates. With they’re professional and welcoming office manager Bonny and the kind and gentle Dentist Dr. Hagigi, It was a wonderful experience. I would definitely be coming again as well as recommend Montgomery Dental Associates to anybody.

A U.

I highly recommend this dental office.The Dentist is very gently and professional!. The staff is super friendly and make you feel comfortable during your whole visit. Very clean office and nicely organized. Great atmosphere.!

Marlene L.


Luther W.

I was especially happy that the dentist was able to put my fillings in on the same day as my appointment. I’m a very busy person and as such getting a appointment would’ve been more difficult than having it done that day. Everything went very smoothly and was done before I had to go to work. Great job!

Michael C.

Dr. Mark is really good and was very detail about everything during my visit. However the front desk lady was very rude and not helpful at all. I hope the management better trains her well in talking to people. I am definitely gonna stop visiting the place if she continues her way.


Montgomery Dental associates’ atmosphere is very modern, warm and inviting and makes what could be a stressful experience very calm. The treatment rooms are very modern and beautiful and my treatment chair delivered back massage! I am generally very nervous in a dental office but everyone here is nice, patient, and understanding. Front desk person, and dental assistant were very helpful and Dr Mark Hagigi took his time to explain in detail the treatment I needed. Many of things he mentioned I did not hear from my previous dentists in the past so I was really enjoyed his knowledge. I will be happy to continue to go to this dental office.

Steve L.