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Pediatric Dentistry

We in Montgomery Dental Associates, office of Dr Mark Hagigi, are pride to provide dental treatment to children and teenagers. We believe in a gentle and modest approach to pediatric dentistry. In our office, your child is not rushed or overwhelmed in one appointment. This is typically enough to gain the child’s trust and cooperation, thereby avoiding the need for heavy sedation drugs. So whether, your child needs simple cleaning or needs more comprehensive treatment we are ready to provide it!

  • We provide the following pediatric dental procedures:
  • Exam and Cleaning
  • Placing Fluoride topical and dental sealings
  • Dental fillings and extraction
  • Space-maintainer

Please contact Montgomery Dental associates at our Rockville, MD office at (301)869-2600 to make appointment for your child’s dental treatment . You can also use our online contact form to contact us.

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