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Payments and Insurances


Montgomery Dental Associates are IN-NETWORK with all major dental PPO insurances. We also accept Maryland Healthy Smile state plan and some Medicaid plans. Please call our office for details. Dental insurance can be confusing, but we’ll make it easy for you. Simply bring your card or claim into our office, or call to speak with our friendly insurance specialist. We’ll be happy to file dental insurance claim for you.

Dental Insurance Myths:

– People think that their dental insurance policy will take care of major events like house or medical insurance will. Fact: People who have “dental insurance” really only have minor dental benefits that are determined by their employer and an insurance company. A dental benefit is more like a coupon. It doesn’t pay for the entire product or service. It only pays a vague percentage and it has a maximum it will pay each year.

-“Because I need this dental work, my dental insurance will pay for it!” or “My dental insurance will cover what I need to fix my dental problems!” Fact: today’s dentistry is nothing like it was 40 years ago. Today, we have dental implants, dental lasers, all porcelain or zirconium based crowns, 3D CAT scans, cosmetic dentistry and the list goes on. Many of these procedures are not covered by the dental benefit contract or the procedures cost more than the yearly benefit.

-The dentists and their dental team should know what a person’s dental benefit is and what it will cover and pay exactly, and if the insurance company doesn’t pay, it’s their problem. Fact: The dental insurance contract is between the patients and the insurance companies. The dentist has no influence on what “should be covered”. The employer and insurance company negotiate these things ahead of time.

A Final Word About Dental Insurances

if you do have dental insurance just think of it as a coupon and not something that is going to pay for major dental problems. over and over we see patients who “only do what the insurance covers.” This approach ends badly. By letting the insurance dictate treatment instead of the dentist, the care that patients get is never complete, and almost always ends up with the patients needing more dental treatment than otherwise would be.

In Montgomery Dental Associates, will do our best to maximize your dental insurance payment, but our philosophy and our paramount concern is providing you with with the best dental care using best dental material and technologies rather different than dental insurances where are limitation in choice dental material and technologies

Payment Options:
  • All major credit cards
  • Care Credit
  • Lending Club
  • We offer in-house dental insurance (Montgomery Dental Associates dental Insurance)

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