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Laser Dentistry

We in Montgomery Dental Associates, office of Dr Mark Hagigi, are committed to use the best and latest technologies available in dentistry to provide best possible dental care to our patients. As a result, Our dentists and our staff have been trained to use in every way possible to provide the best dental care using technologies which are less painful, less bleeding and more predictable with minimum side effect. One such technologies is the soft tissue LED laser, which is considered one of the most innovative dental tools of our time to perform many dental procedures with less discomfort to our patients.

The soft tissue laser allows us to make surgical procedure with the utmost precision to the soft tissues surrounding the teeth. In addition to such precise control, the soft-tissue laser will virtually eliminate bleeding, and that means it will significantly reduce healing time. It i also can be used part of many cosmetic procedures, especially re-contouring the gum line precisely, therefore, improving cosmetic results.

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