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Dentistry for Seniors

Did you know?

  • Close to 30% of older adults have untreated cavities
  • close to 25% of adults between ages 65 to 74 have periodontal disease which are strongly associates many chronic disease including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and respiratory disease
  • Close to 30% of older adults have lost several teeth

Losing the teeth is not part of growing old, but for many seniors that’s part of reality. Further, similar to any other age groups, missing teeth, painful or lose teeth, of not having proper dentition can significantly reduces quality of life and reduces access to proper nutrition.

Our dentist and our staff at Montgomery Dental Associates dental office, have proper training as well as many years of experience in treating senior citizens. Whether its replacing a missing teeth with dental implants, making a cosmetic dentures to restore missing teeth and and supporting hard or soft tissues, providing periodontal car, or just restoring couple of teeth with fillings, Dr Hagigi and his staff are truly capable to provide these services in very gentle manner with a custom-made treatment plan.

We are proud to provide a wide range of dental procedures to our senior adults:

  • Treating cavities that need to contained and restored
  • Treating periodontal disease and its maintenance to keep existing teeth
  • Replacing missing or non-restorable tooth with dental implants
  • Making beautiful and attractive dentures or partials
  • Full-mouth reconstruction of dentition with non-removable prosthesis

Please contact Montgomery Dental Associates office located at Rockville, MD office at (301)869-2600 to make appointment for to discuss restoration of adult seniors’ life-long restoration of their dentition. Our office is conveniently located close to many senior citizen facilities and residences in the area. You can also use our online contact form to contact us.

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