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Cosmetic Dentures

When most people hear the word ‘dentures’ they immediately think of the removable versions worn by grandparents. These dentures were often kept floating in a jar due to the discomfort experienced while wearing them. Modern dentures don’t give the same experience, advancements in dental technology have resulted in versions that are comfortable for long term wear, and are durable and beautiful as well! As a result more people are opting to get cosmetic dentures to bring back a youthful smile, and an overall improvement to their facial appearance.

While obviously a bright shining smile of natural looking teeth will aid in improving our appearance, few consider the fact that a lack of teeth can result in a ‘collapsed’ appearance to the face. A full smile of teeth from cosmetic dentures also helps to smooth out the skin by increasing the space between the upper and lower jaw, reducing wrinkles and providing a ‘lift’ without the cosmetic surgery.

Selecting Your Cosmetic Dentures

You don’t have to just take the dentists word for it either, new technology permits computer imaging that can show you how you’ll look with your new dentures. All of the styles and options available to you can be shown through this form of imaging as they would look if you were wearing them. Choices can be made in the shade of the dentures, as well as selecting from styles that will compliment your natural gums and the exact teeth you’d like.

You can choose teeth that match your original natural teeth, or go for the teeth of your dreams. Want them whiter? Longer? Wider? All of these options are available to you through custom cosmetic dentures. Finally you can have the perfect set of teeth you’ve always wanted, and if that’s the smile you started with cosmetic dentures can provide that look as well!

Solid And Secure Without Slippage

One of the major concerns many people have with dentures is the fear of the slipping while eating or talking, something that isn’t an issue with modern dentures. Modern cosmetic dentures can be secured on titanium rods that implanted into your jaw, ensuring they’ll stay in place. Cosmetic dentures are so comfortable to wear you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!

Technological Advances That Make A Difference

The latest advances in manufacturing have ensured that those who get cosmetic dentures aren’t suffering from the discomfort of older, less proficiently made products. In days past a heat based method was used to create the base for dentures, resulting in deformations that left them not conforming to the molds that were provided. Injection molding has overcome this issue, insuring that you get a perfect fit for maximum comfort.

Is It Time For Cosmetic Dentures?

If you’re ashamed of your smile, or would like to have a set of pearly whites you can flash in public with confidence, it’s time to talk to your dentist about cosmetic dentures. There’s nothing like a bright smile to bring back a youthful countenance and fill you with confidence. Don’t hide your smile, get cosmetic dentures and let it shine!